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Let me introduce us,

We, Wouter and Jeannet, live in Gronau Germany. Just accross the border by Enschede. We live there with our animals. We have 5 cat girls and 3 studs. Not all the boys and girls are living with us. But some of them are living with very sweet people who take care of them. Next to our cats we have an Belgian shepherd and two Chihuahua's. Outside we have an pool with fish.

Since 2013 I’m a proud owner of Cattery “Casa Dei Riccioli”. In other words: “House of the curls” for our Selkirk Rex cats.
Next to this, 2015 we have started an other Cattery for our Fold and British Shorthair Cats: Puff-fectly

Me, Jeannet, I’ve been raised with (breed) cats. At first I had Persian and Exotics. That’s what started my catsvirus. Throug a friend I came in contact with the Selkirk Rex. I immediately fell in love with that race.

Heaven, Hope, Kay, Estee, Tommy, Hugo and Kiton are the cats for our cattery. Kloë ist the sister of Tiffany but she is nutered.
D’Gioiya, L’Alique, Amber, Hugo and Monty are the cats for the fold cattery.

These small-scale hobby cattery has her cats and male cats roam freely in the home. They can go there where they want in our home. To expand my knowledge as much as possible and to keep it up to date, I also follow courses.
In December 2015 the Paw-Peds course G1 closed successfully

Since 04-01-2015 proud owner of:

Viridian’s Smilling Hugo

Brits Korthaar, Odd Eyed

Fokker: Martin Urban

(Import uit Tjechië)



















Hun leefruimte

Vanaf 12-12-0217 troste bezitter van:

Wonder World Frilly Lilly

Selkirk rex  Black tortie White girl

Fokker: Victoria Novikova

(Import uit Oekraïne, 

Deze klein opgezette hobby-cattery heeft haar poezen en katers vrij rond lopen in huis. Zij kunnen zich daar begeven waar ze dat willen.

Om mijn kennis zoveel mogelijk uit te breiden en up-to-date te houden volg ik ook cursussen.

In december 2015 succesvol afgesloten de Paw-Peds cursus G1

Jeannet Heetebrij 

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